Genuine bughat™ Mosquito Net Bug Hats

More than just your typical hat, a genuine mosquito net bug hat from bughat™ provides you with stylish protection from all kinds of bugs and insects including mosquitoes, bees, ticks, flies, midges and no-see-ums. And better yet, we use absolutely no chemicals or pesticides to provide this protection. Instead, our mosquito net bughat™ bug hats include a permanently attached mosquito netting in a concealed zippered pouch that you can deploy at any time.

Breeze through hot days under the protection of the bughat™ mosquito net bug hat. The lightweight polyester fabric will shield you from the sun while the headband wicks away moisture. Our mosquito net bug hats also offer excellent protection from the sun and rain and come in multiple styles and colors including gardening hats, garden hats, fishing hats, camo hats, sun hats, bucket hats and boonie hats. Try one of our hats today and see why so many people swear by their genuine mosquito net bughat™ bug hats for activities such as gardening, fishing, hiking and hunting.

The bughat™ mosquito net bug hat provides protection from mosquitoes, bees, insects, bugs and even the sun. Don't let the bugs, bees and mosquitoes drive you crazy.  bughat™ is the best bug, bee and mosquito protection on the market.