Mosquito Net Hats Guide

bughats™ are a breeze to use and the built-in mosquito netting can be quickly deployed and stored as needed.

Follow these simple steps to deploy and store the moquito neeting in your bughat™...and to be assured that your time outside will be enjoyable and bug free!


Easy to Deploy

Follow these easy steps to deploy the bughat™

On Start On Step One On Step Two On Finish

STEP 1: Remove the bughat™ and unzip the top of the hat.

STEP 2: Pull out the included sewn-in netting from the top of the hat.

FINISH: Place the bughat™ on your head, pull the netting down to cover your face and upper body. Secure the chin strap (if necessary) and enjoy your time outside.

Easy to Store

Putting the net away is as easy as reversing the steps

Off Start Off Step One Off Step Two Off Step Three Off Finish

STEP 1: Gather the netting in front of you and roll the netting up the base of the mosquito net hat.

STEP 2: Place the rolled up netting back in the top of the mosquito net hat.

STEP 3: Re-zip the top of the bughat™t so the netting is secured inside.

FINISH: The bughat™ is ready to function as a regular hat.